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FREA Legislative Priorities

1.  Support legislation designed to provide adequate and      
     equitable finding for public education

2.  Advocate for an annual 3 percent Cost of Living Adjustment for all         
     members of FRS.

3.  Monitor the FRS Trust Fund, especially for:
    a.  Attempts to divert FRS funds prescribed by Florida Constitution 
         and Statures.
    b.  Management of the FRS Trust Fund for security and profitability of 
         its investments.
    c.  Legislation to fully fund the Florida Retirement System.

4.  Work to insure that new hires have the opportunity to choose 
     between a pension (defined benefit) and an investment (defined 
     contribution) retirement plan.

5.  Maintain the FRS Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS Trust Fund and 
     work to acquire additional increments to maintain parity with the 
     increasing cost of health insurance.

6.  Support all legislative efforts to make affordable, quality health care 
     and the ability to plan for long financial security available for all 

If you have any questions, contact George Ellis at age0248@aol.com