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Florida Retired Educators Association 2018 Legislative Priorities

1.  Support legislation designed to provide adequate and equitable funding for           every student.

2.  Protect the Florida Retirement System (FRS) Trust Fund, especially
    a.  from attempt to divert FRS funds from the purpose prescribed by the                     Florida Constitution and Statutes
    b.  for management of FRS Trust Fund for the security and profitability of its               investment
    c.  for legislation to fully fund the Florida Retirement System

3.  Work to inform new hires about the advantages of choosing the Defined               Benefit Retirement Plan (pension) for career school employees.

4.  Advocate for an annual 3 percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all           members of the FRS.

5.  Support all legislative efforts to make affordable, quality health care and the         ability to plan for long term financial security available for all Americans. 

6.  Maintain the Florida Retirement System Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS) 
     Trust Fund and work to acquire additional increments to maintain parity with         the increasing cost of health insurance.

7.  Establish working relationship with groups and agencies that share Florida           Retired Educators Association legislative priorities and goals. 

If you have any questions, contact George Ellis at age0248@aol.com